What started off as a super special gift idea to give to my partner for our anniversary (a personalised calendar), I had no concept of just how great this experience was going to be and the benefits that would follow right from turning up at the doorstep to when I saw the end result!!

Melissa and Reece not only provide stunning portraits (forever memories), they provide you with an experience! Right from feeling totally pampered on arrival with bubbles and beautiful platter, the hairstylist and makeup artist, well thought-out outfits, through to this fab husband and wife team making you feel totally comfortable with a such a professional, yet relaxed approach.
Then when you get to see the photos edited to your specifications (I wanted mine to only be lightly touched up), I felt so special! I couldn’t stop looking at them!! I couldn’t believe how good I looked! This made me feel so good about myself, gave me a boost of self esteem and confidence and a sense of empowerment!! So all this with remembering, this just started out as a gift for my partner, but yet I gained so much from creating this gift and feel treated like a VIP right from booking to receiving the beautifully wrapped calendar. ✨
I can’t recommend MellyPop Doll House enough for the services they provide!! 💖
From one very satisfied customer to what will be many other satisfied customers - MellyPop Doll House is a AAA rating from me!!


Ive alway's been totally in love with the MellyPop lingerie range and I was also envious of the beautiful girls who are MellyPop Dolls - Melissa was my favourite. Shes such a lovely, genuine, beautiful woman who would always help me choose the perfect outfit in her store. In July 2017, I was looking at the "Reece Spiller - MellyPop Photography" Facebook page and there was a advertisement for an upcoming photo or calender shoot and I just had to do it. So i booked in and made a hot lingerie calender. Ever since then I have done another 3 photoshoots and become a MellyPop Doll. Reece and Melissa Spiller thankyou for opening up doors for me that I never thought would be opened. This experience and the way you run your business is a 10 / 10 and I'm so thankfull for your guidance and support through my new journey as a model and a MellyPop Doll

Jazmine Winter

Absolutely loved my first shoot with you guys. I felt so comfortable, but also powerful and has given me so much confidence.
So happy and cant wait for more
Thank you both x